About Us

At Innovative Collection Solutions, we are dedicated to redefining the debt collection industry through innovative technology and ethical practices. Established with a vision to streamline the recovery process, we provide comprehensive services including pre-collect call center campaigns, bad debt collection, healthcare claims management, and litigation support. Our team is committed to delivering effective solutions that respect debtor relationships while maximizing recovery rates. Certified in compliance with FDCPA and HIPAA, we ensure the highest standards of data protection and privacy. Trust us to handle your collections with professionalism and integrity, leveraging the latest in AI technology to optimize results.

Compliance and Ethics

Our commitment to compliance is unwavering. Certified under FDCPA and HIPAA, we adhere to the strictest standards to ensure that all collection activities are conducted with the utmost respect for privacy and legality. Our ethical practices not only protect your interests but also foster trust and respect with your customers, turning challenging situations into positive outcomes.